Bramox® tablets (midodrine hydrochloride)

Information intended for UK Healthcare Professionals 

Switching your patients that are having to take multiple tablets of the current strengths of midodrine to achieve a 10mg dose over to a single Bramox® 10mg tablet offers a number of benefits:


  • The new presentation provides a convenient colour coded single tablet alternative for patients having to take 2x 5mg tablets.

  • The blue Bramox 10mg tablets are the same size as the 5mg tablets. This is helpful for patients with severe orthostatic hypotension; who are often elderly, with neuropathic disease, and frequently have difficulty in swallowing.

  • Patients in the typical therapy group often must take several different medications, and the fewer tablets the patient is required to take, the better, to aid compliance and quality of life.

  • The Bramox® 10mg tablet gives a cost-saving vs. the price of 2 x 5mg midodrine tablets (Ref. Drug Tariff 2022).


In order to achieve these savings and advantages, please ensure that relevant prescriptions are written as “Bramox 10mg tablets <dose frequency>”.

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